How's It Going?: Sharing Edition

Sesame Street
Sesame Street
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It’s a very sunny Tuesday where I live! Welcome back to our daily open thread.

I made a cake last night with some ricotta I needed to use up. I’ve been doing a lot of stress baking, and I mostly don’t mind having to eat all of what I make myself. (“Guess I have to eat this entire batch of cookies for the sake of public health!” I say to myself with mock annoyance.) But this cake has a kind of understated flavor that would be great if I brought it to a brunch or into my office, but feels a little disappointing when I have to eat it all myself. Eating it alone is making me sad about how long it’s been since I’ve gotten to share something I cooked with my friends, and being sad isn’t really a way you want to feel while eating cake.

What have you been sharing, or are excited to get to share again in the future? How’s it going?

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Riley, I think I speak for everyone in the office when I say that we’re also all sad we can’t eat your cake.