Latest Pokémon Sword And Shield Trailer Reveals Villain Team And New Galarian Forms

Illustration for article titled Latest iPokémon Sword /iAndi Shield/i Trailer Reveals Villain Team And New Galarian Forms

Fresh information about Pokémon Sword and Shield, shown this morning on the official Pokémon YouTube channel, tells more about the game’s cast. Alongside new monsters—including new Pikachu-adjacent creatures—there’s a quick look at some of the game’s rivals and villains.


The trailer outlines a handful of monsters and characters coming to Sword and Shield. Among these are a Galarian Weezing, Galarian Zigzagoon (complete with a new evolution in its line), and a “form changing” creature that appears to be this generation’s Pikachu-like mon. It’s called Morpeko and has two forms: a happy “full belly mode” and a grumpy “hangry” mode, suggesting it changes shape depending on how much it eats.

There was also information about new rivals like sneering and mysterious trainer Bede and a new villain team called Team Yell. Team Yell appear to be diehard fans of a trainer called Marnie. While there wasn’t much more information, this new tease provides a fuller picture of the Galar Region that Sword and Shield take place in.

Sword and Shield have drawn criticism from fans eager for the return of the “National Dex,” a massive index of Pokémon from every game in the series. Players will not be able to transfer certain Pokémon into the game. But with new monsters and fresh forms for some of the old ones, it looks like there will be plenty to keep trainers busy.

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Weezing with a top hat...and the new villains are juggalos. That’s kinda cute...still not gonna get it because of the national dex and lack thereof. And the low quality of the textures and graphics when they could do so much better. And considering “high quality models” were the (original) reason for not having the National Dex, I think it’s fair to criticize them for this. Game Freak doesn’t have to have small development cycles or small teams. The issues they have are seemingly unique to Game Freak. They have lousy graphics in their games and STILL have framerate chug. Pokemon X and Y have massive performance issues, even though more visually busy games on the 3DS like Smash Brothers and Dream Drop Distance don’t have that issue and play fine! And yet even now on more powerful hardware they still claim “hardware limitations” as a reason to have content-barren games despite no other developer having that issue? And this has been a consistent theme with them since Generation 4.

Actually no, it’s been a consistent theme since Generation 2 because Iwata had to come in and fix the mess their code was. Hell, he had to save Pokemon Stadium because the idea of making a Turn Based Battle System on the N64 was too high of a task for them. Game Freak has been having issues of laziness and making excuses for a while. When asked why the Battle Frontier wasn’t in ORAS, rather than just admit that they didn’t SCHEDULE time for it they just decided to blame smartphones instead. So...not enough time for the Battle Frontier, but more than enough time to triple the dialogue, make the AWFUL Delta Episode, and program in as many condescending forced tutorials as humanly possible. There’s always enough time for that. Not enough time for Walking Pokemon, or indeed THE POKEMON AT ALL WHICH ARE ALREADY MADE AND FUTURE PROOFED, but chances are that Sword and Shield will find the time to include nine novels worth of BS.

When Game Freak claims “Not enough development time” or “Hardware restrictions” THEY ARE LYING. Triple A games being lied about should not be a new concept to anybody but apparently it is for some reason when it comes to the Pokemon franchise. Let’s get real, the real reason is that they can’t be bothered because they’d rather do something else. And I’d have a lot more respect for them if they just said that. I’d still criticize them for prioritizing things that make the games worse, but at least I wouldn’t have to call them dirty liars. But they are.

So don’t look at the bad textures and the laziness of the animations or other stuff on their OWN. These are not isolated incidents. They’re just more examples in the “Game Freak is Lying” list!