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K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Honey Bee

Track: Honey Bee | Artist: Luna, Hani, Solar | Album: Honey Bee (single)
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I have a thing about songs with saxophone riffs. And that thing is: I can’t resist them.


Honey Bee was a once-in-a-lifetime collaboration between three singers from three very different girl groups: Luna from f(x), Hani from EXID, and Solar from MAMAMOO. Produced in 2017, the song—produced by Park Keun Tae—was an exercise in making oft-requested fandom wishes come true. (What? Luna got the spotlight for once? What???)

Longtime readers of this column will find all three girl group representations in Honey Bee familiar, and that’s because I’ve covered them all: f(x) with Hot Summer, EXID with Hot Pink (the alliteration is a coincidence), and MAMAMOO, albeit obliquely, with Whee In’s solo, EASY.


Hani surprised many with her vocals here; while Luna and Solar are well-known as the vocalists from their respective groups, Hani flew under the shadow of EXID’s Solji and Hyelin (for her vocal chops, at least) until this collaboration, where she held her own against some of K-Pop’s finest.

Then again, I don’t know about you, but I’m listening to Honey Bee for the saxophone, so please hold while I go and listen to the opening riff about fifty more times.

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This song was a nice surprise when it came out. On top of being catchy as hell, I like all three groups and adore Hani and Solar. Plus I played saxophone for 10 years so I can’t disagree with the author’s pro-sax stance.