K-Pop Pick Of The Day: EASY

Track: EASY | Artist: Whee In (feat. Sik-K) | Album: EASY
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MAMAMOO’s Whee In has gone solo, and the world is a better (and jazzier) place for it.


Given that MAMAMOO tends to favor jazz in its many incarnations for their own title tracks, it’s not a surprise that Whee In decided to go in that direction for her solo debut with EASY. And it works — her slightly smoky voice complements the instrumental nicely, and the creative, colorful music video contributes to the overall breath of fresh air this song provides.

It all combines to form a track that can be best described as, well, having “chill vibes”. (Hey, I’m not a professional music reviewer or anything.) You know, the kind of song you play through your headphones when you step out of the office and emerge into the suitably chaotic sidewalk of, say, a New York City street.


I’m gonna go do that right now!

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Not Kpop, but this is my favorite song titled “Easy”

Still Chill with a little EMP bomb thrown in.