The White House has finally sent out invitations to the video game industry for a meeting on Thursday, and the ESA says it will attend. “Video games are plainly not the issue: entertainment is distributed and consumed globally, but the US has an exponentially higher level of gun violence than any other nation,” said a spokesperson.

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Violence conditioning is a thing. See everyone refers back to the 90s but games weren’t as viceral as they were now. Now do I think this is a video game problem? Not exactly. I think entertainment in general is more violent. The realism tied to these images is absurd. Your didn’t have to much off that when were growing up in the 90s. I think it all has to do with each other. When you actually see how many uninformed parents hand their children games like GTA and COD. This is an actual problem. I’ve seen first hand bad parents that let little kids, and I’m not saying 15+, play GTA V. That’s appalling to me. But in the long run. If we don’t pay attention to warnings and ratings on game it won’t matter..

Tl;dr I don’t place blame on video games and entertainment abroad. But violence conditioning can’t help.