We have updated our story on Billy Mitchell’s recent internet radio appearance with comment from Jeremy Young. Young removed Mitchell’s scores from a prominent fan forum after video analysis suggesting they were performed in an emulator.

Young has responded to claims that he received a doctored tape from Twin Galaxies scoreholder Dwayne Richard. In an email to Kotaku, he said the following:

The amount of foresight, patience, and technical knowledge required would be staggering. By my reckoning, Dwayne would have to:

1) Know, for over a decade, this bug existed in MAME, and not tell anyone

2) Know every potential independent source that would, in the future, publish clips of Billy’s gameplay, know exactly what that footage would contain, and whether that footage would contain the MAME signature

3) Either a) know that the press conference video is also MAME, or b) organize a conspiracy to swap the tapes being shown that day.

4) In the case of 3a...why wait this long?

5) In the case of 3b...he would have had only a few days to craft a full performance of TWO games (DK and DKJR) faithful enough to fool Billy himself AND convince someone to swap the tapes at the event.

6) Apart from 3a, he would need to craft at least 2 full-length (~2.5 hours) games to match the independent footage. These would have to match Billy’s original gameplay, pixel-for-pixel, frame-for-frame.

7) Wait, for years, for the right amount of general skepticism and technical knowledge to coalesce.

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This whole fiasco got me to finally watch King of Kong and wow is that a good movie.