Vampire Hunters eager for the return of Netflix’s awesome Castlevania anime won’t have to wait long. According to writer and beard aficionado Warren Ellis, the show will return with eight new episodes this summer.

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I really want to catch up with this; the bits that I’ve been able to glean from previews look very solid—particularly with regard to the treatment of Dracula and his enduring love for his wife.

Question: Based on the previews, the narrative seems like an amalgam of Symphony of the Night and Castlevania III. Is that about accurate, or have they mashed even more of the games in there?

I’m a bit of a Castlevania fanboy, but I’ll be the first to admit the idea of a coherent through-narrative in all of the games is absolutely laughable—I’m just curious which version of, “Belmonts hate Dracula, Dracula hates whips, and candles hide all kinds of shit—also, wall chicken,” I should expect.