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The market for loot boxes in Second Life has taken a hit as hackers use exploits to duplicate their contents and sell them at a discount according to a report by PC Gamer. The in-game makers of “gacha” gambling overlays say the cheating persists despite attempts by publisher Linden Lab to stop it.


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Grimace is a Butt Plug

Misleading article is misleading.

Linden Labs doesn’t sell loot boxes. The closest thing to them in Second Life are ‘Gachas’, which are made by fellow players/content creators. A player sets up a Gacha vendor at a fair or at their store. You give a Gacha 50 lindens, it spits out a random reward which is 100% created and designed by player/seller. This might be the rare reward, or it might be the common reward. Linden Labs makes money if you exchange $ for lindens, but if you use SL to make lindens you can sell them back and exchange them for real cash.