Red Dead Redemption Will Officially Be Backwards Compatible On Xbox One This Friday

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Back in February, Red Dead Redemption quietly became backwards compatible on Xbox One. It was later removed by Microsoft, who claimed it was part of a “test” that wasn’t meant to be released publicly. Soon, though, everyone will get a chance to revisit one of Rockstar’s best games.

Xbox’s Major Nelson revealed the game’s return to backwards compatibility on Twitter today. The game will be turned on this Friday.


Given that rumors about a sequel have circulated for years, dare we hope today’s news is the first step towards that game finally showing up?

Oh, and while you’re at it, Rockstar, release the original game on PC!

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All I am going to say is that it’s not crazy to state that Microsoft Backward Compatibility single handedly saved Xbox One. At least for me, this rings true. I don’t know how I am pleased to see new games pop up in my apps/games list as Microsoft increases its backward compatibility list and how I re-enjoy games like xbox one using the backward compatibility.