What E3 Exaggerations Are You Most Excited For?

Hi! I’m Phil Owen, and I’ll be your Kotaku guest editor for Memorial Day while everyone else is enjoying the day off with possibly barbecue and maybe also sunshine. But who needs all that when we’re going to have a scintillating day just chock full of internet goodness?


To get us started today, I wanna talk E3 for a minute. We’re only a couple weeks away from what somebody out there probably calls “gamer Christmas,” and now is the time to get that hype train rolling! E3 is not, ahem, all fun and games—while, yes, E3 is the biggest source of gaming news we have each year, it’s also the biggest source of exaggerations and outlandish promises from the video game marketing machine. It makes covering the show an existential nightmare as reporters try to figure out which kernels of information are legit, and which are game features they’ll end up rolling back before they release the games they’re trying to get you to pre-order six months in advance, and which are whatever this turned out to be.


This year’s E3 will show off the likes of Star Wars Battlefront, Rainbow Six, Halo, Metal Gear Solid, Just Cause and many other things along with the yearly traditions of Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty and sports out the wazoo. And there will be surprises as well. Last E3 was pretty rough, being the first of the console transition, but this year all the big guns should be out and firing once more.

So my discussion question for the day: what hypetastic exaggerations do you hope or expect to see at this year’s show?

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