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100 Million Need For Speed Games Sold

Illustration for article titled 100 Million Need For Speed Games Sold

15 years, 15 games, and now more than a 100 million units sold. EA celebrates the Need for Speed franchise surpassing 100 million units sold with a shiny graphic and some fun facts.


100 million is a large number. According to EA, it represents nearly every household in America, and is three times the population of Canada, which helps put the over 100 million Need for Speed games sold since 1994 into perspective. The driving game series has sold more copies than passenger cars in the U.S. during the same time period. Of course most of us don't trade our cars in for a new model every year, and you can't lease a Need for Speed game.

Did you know that Need for Speed games have been released in 22 languages in more than 60 countries, or that all of the Need for Speed boxes, if laid out end-to-end, would span 173,609 football fields? No? How about the fact that players have driven more than 279 billion miles in the games, and generated more than 17 trillion vehicle customizations? Impressive, right?


What's most impressive is that EA has managed to release a new Need for Speed on average every year since 1994, and the series still hasn't grown stale for countless players. With a few exceptions, ever new version has managed to differentiate itself from the others enough to keep us from constantly whining about another game coming out. That takes some serious skill. Well played, EA.

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And the very first Need for Speed is still the best, by far. Although, Porsche Unleashed was a decent attempt. #needforspeed