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10-Year-Old Faces Felony After Cops Say He Spent $800—on Minecraft?!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I have no idea how the hell this is even possible but a 10-year-old kid in Nebraska is facing felony-with-an-F charges for using his grandmother's credit card to spend $800 on a video game online. Authorities and local media say the game is Minecraft. The hell?

If there is even $800 worth of skin packs for Minecraft in the Xbox Live Marketplace, I am not aware of it, and I doubt you could rack up a bill that high in in-app purchases for the mobile edition of the game, either. But that is what cops in Lincoln, Neb. and media, including the Associated Press, are alleging.

The unnamed kid is said to have used his 74-year-old grandma's credit card to rack up the purchases. She notified the bank after seeing suspicious activity, and the bank told her to file a police report, after which it would then cancel the charges. That landed her grandson in trouble with the law.


The case has been referred to prosecutors; the boy is under suspicion of felony theft.

Seriously $800? There are a ton of scam games out there, but in even the most DLC-heavy mainstream titles I have no idea how you could come close to $800 (excepting Ultimate Team modes in sports games) much less through something like Minecraft. Maybe he filled up an online wallet with $800 and then spent a portion of it on the game?


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