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10 Minutes Of Retro City Rampage Is The Best Nostalgia Trip Of The Day

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Grand Theft Auto. Zelda. Mario. Metal Gear??? Which old games don't you see references to in this "soundtrack mixtape" trailer for Retro City Rampage?

Retro City Rampage is a love letter to many, many old-school games, which you can see for yourself in this newly released 10 minute trailer.


(We'd already shown you that the game has an NES Zapper.)


But the gameplay isn't supposed to be the draw today. The music is.

Brian Provinciano, the upcoming downloadable game's main creator, sent over a description of the musicians featured in the game's soundtrack, all of them showcased here in the trailer:

• virt (Jake Kaufman) - Renowned chiptune artist, his work includes Contra 4, Red Faction II, Shantae, Batman: The Brave & the Bold, among DOZENS of other titles.

• Freaky DNA (Leonard Paul) - Has been working on video games since the Sega Genesis and SNES including NBA '95. Most recently Len completed work on the brand new NBA Jam.

• Norrin Radd (Matt Creamer) - Brought deathmetal to the NES with his album Anomaly.

You can download the soundtrack at the official Retro City Rampage site.

Retro City Rampage was scheduled to come out on the Wii's WiiWare service in December, but now the target is 2011. It may also be made for other platforms, but Provinciano can't confirm which ones, if any, yet.