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Last month’s GTA Online update, Import/Export, added a slew of wacky vehicles. Since then, fans have used the update to do all sorts of outlandish things that must be seen to be believed.

Stunt-wise, the most popular car appears to be The Ruiner 2000, an expensive car that can jump, fire missiles, and deploy its own parachute. It also costs $6 million, which may sound like a lot, except all of the hijinks that have ensued since The Ruiner’s release may prove that it was worth it all along. Take, for instance, the first GIF in this post: with the help of mods, GTA Online PC players have taken the Ruiner 2000 and its parachute and combined them to create a flying pod of whales.

That’s not all.

Jumping Over Planes

Lining up a bunch of Ruiners and timing their hops over a low-flying plane took a few attempts, but these GTA Online players eventually pulled it off:

Source: GTAmissions


Grindin’ on rails

Ramps + leaps + parachutes means that people can use the Ruiner 2000 as a skateboard to grind against an edge of a building:

Source: EvolveStunting


In-Air Stylin’

The parachutes can also be used to make jumps more exciting—check out this sweet spin, courtesy of EvolveStunting:


Ramp Car Antics

Another vehicle that is getting a lot of mileage since the update is the ramp car, an addition that seems to be inspired by The Fast & The Furious 6. Players can use this ramp to flip cars, though the question is, how many cars can it handle?

Sixty Cars

That’s a whole lotta flippin’.

Source: Ivanowski


100 Large Dump Trucks

Source: RanGO Games

Note that each of these must weigh a couple of tons.

So the ramp car seems to be damn near impossible to stop. But can this powerful little buggy flip the mythical train?


Source: Oderus Urungus


But, what happens if you take two nearly unstoppable ramp cars and drive them into each other?


Source: Chaotic


Daredevils are also getting a lot of use of the rocket car, a vehicle with an added engine that allows it to go much faster than most other cars. Actually, the rocket car can almost beat a jet in a one-on-one race, as you can see in this video by NoughtPointFourLIVE.

All this speed has given GTA Online stunt drivers new ways to wow everyone.

Jumping onto planes



Why limit yourself to the ground?

Plane-to-plane mid-air jumps




Slow-motion flips

Almost seems like the car won’t make it, huh?

Source: Coloriz


Science Experiments

The DLC has inspired more than speedy, thrilling stunts: because this is GTA, the community has rallied to try to test every part of the new additions, including the rocket car.

GTA fan RZED decided to see how many speed nerfs it would take to stop a blazing rocket car. (Speed nerfs, for those that don’t know, are colored strips that slow cars down.) The twist? Every time the nerfs fail to stop the car, the player runs over some people and cute animals.

The Phantom Wedge, a large tractor with a triangular scoop in front of it, is another new vehicle that GTA fans are using to conduct experiments. If you’ve seen Mythbusters before, it’s possible that this car already looks familiar to you.


Naturally, players are testing the limits of how many people the truck can plough through. Turns out, it’s a lot.

200 people, without even slowing down

Source: Ivanowski


The wedge truck cannot, however, flip a tank— but with enough speed, the tank can still be sent into the air:

Source: L0rdMasta

Ramp Car vs Wedge Truck

If pitted against each other, would the ramp car flip the wedge truck? Would the wedge truck send the ramp car flying?


Source: bySankah Officiel

The results of this one actually surprised me the first time I saw it. I assumed the bigger and heavier wedge truck would throw the ramp car into space. Instead, the small and powerful ramp car doesn’t even slow down while chucking the wedge into the sky. I guess size isn’t everything.

The floating herd of Police cruisers

Here’s the Technical Aqua, modded to create this monstrosity:

Source: GTAmissions



Watching GTA Online fans do all of this has convinced me that Rockstar needs to start adding more missions and events that use these vehicles in unique ways. I would love to have a mission where I need to deliver drugs from one crashing plane into another backup plane, using a rocket car, for example. And if we ever get more heists, these vehicles should play a role a role, too, to keep things interesting.


Heck, I’d love the addition of even more outlandish rides to GTA Online. Might I suggest the hovercraft from GTA San Andreas?

Or a jetpack? One can dream.

Zach Zwiezen is a a writer living in Kansas City, Missouri. He has written for Gamecritics, Killscreen and Entertainment Fuse.