This New ZombiU Trailer Does Terrible Things to Buckingham Palace

I've never been to Buckingham Palace. Hopefully, when I get there, the Windsor family home won't be infested with the undead like it is in this new trailer for ZombiU. You'll see a variety of uses for the WiiU GamePad here, including inventory management and environmental scanning. And, hey, soldier zombie wearing… »8/31/12 9:43am8/31/12 9:43am

A Better Look At How The Wii U Controller Works In ZombiU

One of the hardest things to communicate about ZombiU is the way the Wii U's new controller is integrated into the game. In the first part of this "making of" documentary from Ubisoft, executive producer Guillaume Brunier walks us through the basic setup of the game (roguelike-like-meets-Demon's Souls) and show how… »8/24/12 1:45pm8/24/12 1:45pm