I Felt Yoda on My Shoulder Throughout Soul Sacrifice

I remember watching The Empire Strikes Back, when Luke was training on Dagobah. At one point, he looks over his shoulder at Yoda and asks, "Is the Dark Side stronger?" Yoda, in his ever-wise (at least until the prequels) way answered firmly, "No. Quicker. Easier. More seductive." I kept remembering those words pretty… » 3/28/13 8:00am 3/28/13 8:00am

(RIP Soul Calibur: 1998-2008) Yoda, Vader Make SCIV Cover

First Guitar Hero kicks the bucket, now this... Soul Calibur IV has been dated and priced for Japan. That's good news! The game will be released on July 31st for ¥7,800 (US$73). Above is the official Japanese box art for the game, box art that features Darth Vader for the PS3 version. Yoda is on the Xbox 360… » 6/10/08 3:00am 6/10/08 3:00am