Why Bad Pro Wrestling Injuries Can Often Be Good News

Pro wrestling injuries suck for the wrestlers who get hurt. For everyone else, they are, weirdly, a good thing. That’s true even this week as one of the WWE’s best performers, its top champion Seth Rollins, suffered multiple knee injuries during a non-televised match in Ireland and will be shelved for the next six to… »11/06/15 11:18am11/06/15 11:18am

WWE Star Plays Final Fantasy Victory Theme Twice During Monday Night Raw

Xavier Woods, leader of the endlessly entertaining WWE tag team act The New Day, added two Final Fantasy Easter Eggs to last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw. He played the series’ signature victory fanfare on a trombone during a backstage segment and then, awesomely, during the main event while his partner was… »9/08/15 1:48pm9/08/15 1:48pm

Some Thoughts After Attending Three Great Nights Of WWE In Brooklyn

I’m obsessed enough about pro wrestling to have spent $340 to go to Summerslam this past weekend.... to sit in $75 nosebleed seats, since my order for floor seats apparently never went through. That was the second of three nights of sold out WWE action that I saw in Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, 12+ hours of live… »8/25/15 5:36pm8/25/15 5:36pm

Daniel Bryan's Yes! Is The Worked Shoot Of Wrestling Books

Late in Yes!, the new memoir from the great pro wrestler Daniel Bryan, there’s a moment where Bryan comes to an epiphany about what he’s doing in the WWE—the place where he’s been employed since 2009: “I came to the realization that what we were doing in WWE was no longer pro wrestling,” he writes. “Instead, what most… »7/31/15 11:21am7/31/15 11:21am

Twilight of the Divas: The NXT Revolution in Women's Wrestling Is Here


A revolution began Monday night in the world of women’s athletics. To be fair, the women involved are called divas, this particular realm of athletics goes by the winking nom de plume of sports entertainment, and the revolution was sanctioned—orchestrated, even—by those called, without a dash of irony, The Authority. »7/14/15 1:39pm7/14/15 1:39pm

The Year's Most Must-See Episode Of Pro Wrestling Airs Tonight

It happens once a year. It's the perfect episode of TV for our times: a basic-cable version of the selfie, the Twitter @reply and the Facebook status update all rolled into one. The 2015 edition of this great, fascinating occurrence will happen tonight... on a pro wrestling show. It’s one you should probably tune… »3/30/15 12:45pm3/30/15 12:45pm

Crowd Booing The Scripted Wrestlemania Hero? Just Edit Out The Boos [UPDATE]

The advantage of a pre-determined sport like pro wrestling is that promoters can book the ideal storylines. Usually, that means you'll get a Wrestlemania main event the crowd is excited to see, though usually they're not supposed to be booing the good guy a few days before the big show. Good thing you can edit out… »3/24/15 6:18pm3/24/15 6:18pm