An iPhone Game That Splits Your Fingers as Well as Your Brain

After nearly five years with an iPhone in my pocket, I bought an Android phone last week. A HTC One XL. It's a glorious phone, and I had been looking forward to providing a little more Android coverage on GAOTD, but seeing as I've gotten side-tracked playing old Lucasarts adventure games on the thing, I haven't had… »8/27/12 11:30am8/27/12 11:30am

You Really Should Step into the Brilliant Darkness of the iPad Game That Blends Limbo with Portal 2

Life. The universe. Everything. All of the above come from nothingness. You can add the shadowy, shape-changing hero of iOS adventure Nihilumbra to that list. He may come from the void, but the character that starts off a little glob stars in a very special mobile gaming experience. »7/18/12 11:30am7/18/12 11:30am

Flinging Cute Fuzzy Things to Their Doom is Kind of More Fun than Rescuing Them

I spent a not-insignificant amount of time in middle school and early in high school playing Lemmings »6/29/12 11:00am6/29/12 11:00am games with my friend who lived next door. It was, of course, satisfying to guide the mindless little morons through perils to safety. And it was more satisfying still to misplace a beam intentionally and watch them…

The Sandbox Proves That God Really Just Wants to Draw Simpsons Fan Art

Pixowl's The Sandbox places players in the role of a fledgling deity, grants them the power of pixel-particle elements, and sets them loose in their own single-screen world, free to do as they please. What pleases them seems to be drawing fan art.

Starting with a blank canvas, players can lay down some water and add… »5/22/12 12:00pm5/22/12 12:00pm

Max Payne's Bullet Time Adds a Gritty Noir Edge to Eating E-Z Cheese

What, you thought bullet time was just for shooting? That the voice of Max Payne's wife only haunts him during times of duress?

Look, just because Rockstar didn't include it in the game doesn't mean the film noir tropes of the game don't extend into our pilled-up heroes everyday life. It's what drives him to run… »5/16/12 12:00pm5/16/12 12:00pm