Tower of Fortune Puts a Fresh Spin on Retro Role-Playing

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Chance has been a huge factor in role-playing games since the earliest days of pen-and-paper games. Normally represented as the roll of a die, Tower of Fortune swaps dice for slots. Is it a winning combination?

Yes. Thanks for reading.

Crafted by a Rodan and Rin of Game Stew Studio, Tower of Fortune is as simple a graphical role-playing game as they come. Our hero must ascend a tower, level-by-level, in order to rescue his daughter from the forces of evil. He fights battles, earns treasure, and spends his downtime at the tavern, just like any good adventurer would.


The difference here is that everything he does is governed by a simple single-row slot machine. The battle reel features swords that damage the enemy, skulls that harm the hero, experience-granting tomes and fortune-building coins. The more symbols matched, the greater the effect. Spin the same symbol consecutive times and a combo grows, increasing the effect; swords do more damage, books offer more experience, etc. Betting your gold on a spin doubles the effect as well, though double damage to you is always a possibility.

Even tavern time is governed by the reels. Spending coin for a spin results in healing beer, hit point-enhancing meat, lucky kisses, or damaging bar fights.

It's essentially an incredibly addictive game of chance masquerading as a role-playing game, and it's pretty damn brilliant. You can always spend real money on in-game coin to purchase items and enhancements, but that is the coward's way in this dangerously random world. No, a true adventurer casts his $.99 and let's fortune carrying him where it will.

Tower of Fortune — $.99 [iTunes]

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"a true adventurer casts his $.99 and let's fortune carrying him"

This should say, "and lets fortune carry him ..." #corrections