Good Assassin's Creed Joke, Watch Dogs

Okay, I’m about nine months late to this, but I just finished Watch Dogs on Saturday. And I liked the little Assassin’s Creed joke I found in the game. » 3/24/15 7:34pm Tuesday 7:34pm

Video Games' Blackness Problem

Video games have a blackness problem. This has been a known thing for a while, and we do talk about it from time to time. But I'd like to keep talking about it. » 2/19/15 2:10pm 2/19/15 2:10pm

Our Watch Dogs 2 Wishlist

Last week brought news that Watch Dogs has now shipped more than nine million copies. (Not sold; game companies don't talk about that as much). It's another sign that Watch Dogs 2—and probably Watch Dogs 3—is inevitable. Well, Ubisoft people, if sequels will be made, we have some requests... » 11/05/14 4:00pm 11/05/14 4:00pm

Evolve Players Figured Out How To Make Friends With The Monster

Destiny Jumping Puzzles Are Easier When You Can Fly

Jumping puzzles aren't always very fun, especially in first person shooters like Destiny. Luckily, at least one of Destiny's super powers allows you to just pass by one of these frustrating sections. » 10/29/14 3:00pm 10/29/14 3:00pm

Guy Lands Perfect Falcon Punch, Opponent Just Quits

If you think "I've done some pretty amazing Falcon Punches before", just ask yourself: did your opponent just quit the game after you did it? And, as always, much more! » 10/20/14 2:30pm 10/20/14 2:30pm

The Most Intense League Of Legends Match Ever

In addition to our usual roundup of amazing plays and glitches, this weekend's League of Legends tournament brought one of the most incredible moments in the game. Also, an amazing play in CS:GO from Dreamhack, and more! » 9/29/14 6:30pm 9/29/14 6:30pm

Watch Dogs Is Finally Coming To Wii U In November

Rejoice, Wii U owners—you, too, will get a third-party game this fall. Ubisoft just announced that their open-world hacking game Watch Dogs comes to Wii U on November 18 in North America. » 9/10/14 12:07pm 9/10/14 12:07pm

Highlight Reel: Highway To The Danger Zone

We've rounded up some of the best highlights from the past few days in the gaming world and put them all in one place for you. Today, a Battlefield moment reminiscent of Archer, a Watch Dogs race straight out of Mario Kart, and more! » 8/25/14 5:00pm 8/25/14 5:00pm

Highlight Reel: The Greatest Comeback In The Last Of Us' Multiplayer

We've rounded up some of the best highlights from the past few days in the gaming world and put them all in one place for you. Today, a player in The Last Of Us multiplayer that refuses to lose, and more! » 8/22/14 4:30pm 8/22/14 4:30pm

Fallout, Destiny, Half-Life, And More In Lego

The Fallout vertibird and a squad of power armored-troops made out of Lego by Justin Stebbins. He has also made convincing Lego minifigs based on Watch Dogs, Destiny, Metal Gear, Baldur's Gate, and more: » 8/08/14 10:39am 8/08/14 10:39am

Now that's what I call retro gaming. One inventive soul hooked up new (and new-ish) games like Watch Dogs and Grand Theft Auto V to a TV set from the 1970's, and the results look surprisingly cool. This gives the hipster in me so many ideas... » 8/07/14 7:00pm 8/07/14 7:00pm

Watch Dogs Cops vs The Indestructible Crime Car

The law is the law in Watch Dogs. If you break it, you're getting gunned down—regardless of whether or not you happen to be human. » 8/04/14 8:30pm 8/04/14 8:30pm

TheWorse mod, which pumps up Watch Dog's graphics to more closely resemble the visuals shown during E3 2012, has now released its final update. You can see the mod in action here, and download the final release here. » 7/22/14 11:00am 7/22/14 11:00am

​Watch Dogs Players United In Their Loathing Of One Minigame

Watch Dogs has been out for a little while now. Some people have beaten up on it for various things, while others think it's a perfectly fine time. But there is one thing most of us seem to agree on: That drinking minigame is the worst. » 7/16/14 7:00pm 7/16/14 7:00pm

Highlight Reel: The Most Stylish Way To Park A Boat

Today in gaming highlights: How to park a boat when you're done with it, how to scare off a Hearthstone opponent in one turn, and a new world record speedrun! » 7/11/14 12:30pm 7/11/14 12:30pm