Warhawk Players Get Elite Private Beta Access for Starhawk Next Month

If you were one of the players of Warhawk—the spiritual predecessor to upcoming action/strategy hybrid Starhawk— Lightbox Interactive knows that they owe you one. Many members of the Warhawk team from developer Incognnito wound up at Lightbox Interactive, with another chance to iterate on the some of the massive… »10/21/11 2:40pm10/21/11 2:40pm

Warhawk Jet Packs, Crash Commando, Savage Moon Invade Sony PSN

Riding high on the success of downloadable titles like PixelJunk Monsters, echochrome and Super Stardust HD, Sony packed their booth with a collection of upcoming digital goodies. High on the list are such stand-outs from E3 as Flower, PixelJunk Eden and The Last Guy Standing, but there's also a nice selection of… »8/20/08 12:33pm8/20/08 12:33pm

Warhawk Trophies (and Other New Stuff) Coming At The End Of The Month

When the PS3 trophy system was announced in June »8/05/08 6:30am8/05/08 6:30am, Warhawk was to be one of the first pre-trophy games to be brought up to speed. They weren't fibbing! Sony have announced that, as part of Warhawk's 1.5 update, over 50 trophies will be introduced into the game, and they're being offered for achievements as diverse as…