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Starhawk Private Beta Commences on Tuesday

The private beta for Starhawk, the spiritual descendant of 2007's downloadable hit Warhawk will commence on Tuesday, says Sony Computer Entertainment America. The beta will be "slow-rolled," so those who don't get an invitation on day one, don't give up hope; one may be on the way soon.


SCEA said that invitations will go to those who both played Warhawk (on their PSN account, of course) and have opted in to receive emails from Sony. From that pool, a "selected number of loyal Warhawk players," will receive keys. The slow roll means that as the beta adds more players, it will also add more features. Those who do get in on the first day may play capture-the-flag multiplayer on two maps.

Starhawk Private Beta Begins Rolling Out Tuesday [PlayStation Blog]

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hmmm...a franchise went from using a "War" prefix to a "Star" prefix. It seems oddly familiar...