Warhawk's Dylan Jobe Leaves Incognito, Forms New Studio

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This morning Dylan Jobe announced that he and other members of Incognito Entertainment have left the company to form their own studio.


LightBox Interactive will be working on several new games for Sony Computer Entertainment of America and the "Playstation family of platforms."

Incognito was founded in 1999 in Salt Lake City with Scott Campbell and David Jaffe, both of whom left in 2007 to form Eat Sleep Play. Incognito was perhaps best known for their work on the Twisted Metal games and their release of Calling All Cars and Warhawk for the Playstation 3. Jobe, on the other hand, may be best know at Kotaku Tower for handing me my balls.

According to the LightBox site, the transition from Incognito to LightBox has been nearly a year in the making and no jobs were lost in the transition. The studio plans to relocate from Salt Lake City, Utah to Austin, Texas this Fall.

Our team is comprised of members that made significant contributions to the games Twisted Metal:Black, War of the Monsters, Warhawk and all of its expansion packs. We're currently engaged in a multi-year, multi-title parternship with Sony Computer Entertainment America developing games for the PlayStation family of platforms.

No word on whether Incognito still exists or if it is now an empty shell.

LightBox Interactive


Please give us a new Twisted Metal and War of the Monsters. War of the Monsters would be amazing on the PS3, too bad it didn't sell well.