Warhawk Gets Cheap

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Always wanted to check out Warhawk on your PS3 but never had the time or money? Well today's your lucky day!


Lightbox Interactive founder, and Warhawk producer, Dylan Jobe is here to tell you about a sale of "inflatable gorilla proportions". Starting today, U.S. residents can pick-up the online only land, sky and on-foot shooter for a measly $15. And the Booster Packs are running just $5 a pop.

Or as Jobe puts it: BWHAAAA?!?!

The sale runs just two weeks, so buy quickly if you're interested.

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great deal and all, but i have too much other stuff to buy and/or get to. it is tempting as all hell, but what is the point of buying it just because it is cheap if i am probably only going to play the thing only a couple of times. but like i said, pretty damn tempting.