EVE Online Virtual Goods Dispute Ends Peacefully Following Trip to…

Last week the universal community of EVE Online exploded into rage over the release of high-priced virtual goods and a leaked internal memo that suggested developer CCP planned to monetize the hell out of everything they could put a price tag on in the popular space MMO. Thanks to a brilliant plan that involved… » 7/05/11 1:40pm 7/05/11 1:40pm

Do You Prefer Your Collector's Edition Goodies Physical Or Virtual?

Art book or golden gun? Poster or multiplayer skin? In today's Speak-Up on Kotaku, commenter Monsieur.Froid wants to know why some people prefer in-game collector's edition prizes to tangible swag. What's your poison? » 2/02/11 11:20am 2/02/11 11:20am

Final Fantasy XIII PlayStation Home Items Come To North America

Let your Final Fantasy fanhood ring across the hallowed halls and cubbyholes of PlayStation Home today, as Final Fantasy XIII avatar items, costumes, and spaces make their way to North America. » 4/22/10 3:20pm 4/22/10 3:20pm

Renault Delivers Interactive In-Game Advertising To The Sims 3

The inclusion of a free virtual version of Renault's electric Twizy Z.E Concept car in The Sims 3 should go great lengths towards helping increase player awareness of the Renault brand. » 4/19/10 1:20pm 4/19/10 1:20pm

Blizzard Is Selling World Of Warcraft Mounts Because Players Demanded…

While naysayers may think corporate greed is the answer, Blizzard tells Kotaku the real reason World of Warcraft mounts have shown up for sale in the company's online store is because that's exactly what the players wanted. » 4/16/10 5:00pm 4/16/10 5:00pm

Avast! A Monkey Island Pirate Paradise For PlayStation Home

LucasArts celebrates the summer release of The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition on the PlayStation 3 with enough virtual goods to recreate the game yourself in PlayStation Home. » 4/15/10 4:30pm 4/15/10 4:30pm

Why Economists Love Video Games

The billion dollar business of selling virtual goods in free-to-play games is more than just a financial windfall for companies like Playfish. A controlled economy with millions of active participants gives economists an entirely new way to model consumer behavior. » 3/23/10 1:00pm 3/23/10 1:00pm

Blizzard Starts Selling In-Game World Of Warcraft Pets

It was only a matter of time. Blizzard has just put up a pair of in-game pets for World of Warcraft for sale on the Blizzard Store. Would you pay $10 for a Pandaren Monk or a baby Kel'Thuzad? » 11/04/09 4:20pm 11/04/09 4:20pm

Decorate Your PlayStation Home In Early Hellghast

The Visari Throne Room personal space is just one of more than a hundred new pieces of PlayStation Home content flooding Sony's virtual world with tomorrow's update. » 8/26/09 6:40pm 8/26/09 6:40pm

Linden Lab Buys Second Life Virtual Marketplaces OnRez And Xstreet SL

Second Life creators Linden Lab have been shopping for shopping, acquiring virtual goods marketplaces OnRez and Xstreet SL in order to integrate them into their popular virtual world. » 1/21/09 10:20am 1/21/09 10:20am