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Art book or golden gun? Poster or multiplayer skin? In today's Speak-Up on Kotaku, commenter Monsieur.Froid wants to know why some people prefer in-game collector's edition prizes to tangible swag. What's your poison?

Why do so many people prefer in-game baubles rather than real world items when they order collector's editions?


I went into GameStop today and there were four guys (looked to be around 18/19) fuming about the Killzone 3 collector's edition because it came with, "Some shit-faced helmet for kids and not a better weapon or cool armour."

I preordered RDR (nothing special, just a preorder) and I got a free soundtrack for the game. I also got a new costume to unlock. My friends don't seem to care about the soundtrack, but the costume? All the rage.

Bioshock 2? Again, numerous people were upset that there were only 2 special characters for the multiplayer, seemingly ignoring the fact that it came in a rather nice looking box, 3 posters (with hidden messages in invisible ink), a vinyl soundtrack, an art book AND another soundtrack of the previous game on CD.

What's become of these people?

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