Weekly Wii Update - Space Harrier, Alien Crush, And Interior Design?

This week in Nintendo Wii downloadables, two classic franchises make their triumphant return, and if neither tickles your fancy you can always take a crash course in interior design. That's right, in addition to good old Space Harrier »11/03/08 11:20am11/03/08 11:20am for the Sega Master System (500 points) and Hudson's classic pinball title reborn…

Weekly Wii Update - Earthworm Jim And Strong Bad, Together At Last

It's a banner week in Nintendo downloadables, with two releases that are so exciting they could only be accompanied by one of Nintendo's little Art Style WiiWare Titles. Poor little Art Style: Rotohex »10/27/08 10:20am10/27/08 10:20am (600 points) is fixing to be completely overshadowed by the third episode of , Baddest of the Bands (1,000 points),…

G4, Gamespy, Gamestats Reporting Imaginary VC Soul Blazer

Back on May 12th, Nintendo decided to skip their weekly Virtual Console update in order to focus on the release of WiiWare. Having posted just about every VC Update since the service began, I decided to post one anyway, asking our readers what games would make up their ideal update. My choices were Soul Blazer for… »5/23/08 10:30am5/23/08 10:30am