Dr. Mario Online RX Hits North American WiiWare

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It's Monday morning, and while the rest of the U.S. has the day off today, Nintendo is hard at work delivering two new games a piece to both the Virtual Console and WiiWare, including the stateside debut of Dr. Mario Online RX (1000 points), which allows you to take your pill-popping puzzle game online to battle players around the world. Joining the good Dr. is Aksys Games' Family Table Tennis (500 points), a cell-shaded dose of ping pong goodness.


On the old side of new stuff, this week sees the release of that classic NEOGEO shooter Metal Slug (900 points), along with the NES version of City Connection (500 points), which has you touring famous cities as a platforming far challenged by police, spikes, and of course, cats.

There you have it. Four new games for the Nintendo Wii all at once, all for you. Now I head back to bed. If you need me I'll be snoring so loud I wake myself up every five minutes.

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@SAKY: You can (I have) but its a flawed gem... Nintendo did not make availabe in time the code to make it Classical Controler compatible and the onyl wy to play it properly ends up being with the Gamecube Controler (and if all goes well, very soon ill play it with THE SHAFT™). The screen flash damage from the boss fights was also removed. Thus, the PSP and PS2 versions were superior to the Wii version.

Its still worth it, because it was the first time I played Metal Slug 6 (Ralf & Clark FTW!).

I have high hopes for Metal Slug 7, that DS exclusive that, like Contra IV, makes me have faith in the future of videogames.