With all of the E3 madness over the last two weeks, we've been sadly neglecting the Wii Virtual Console and WiiWare updates, and without us telling you what was added, how were you to know? Turning on your system? Screw that. You read Kotaku so you don't have to turn on your system. Let's catch up on what we've missed, shall we? On the WiiWare side of things, not too much to report. July 14th saw the addition of Mastiff's Major League Eating: The Game (1,000 points), the update on the 21st added nautical shoot-em-up Pirates: The Key of Dreams (1,000 points), and today we're treated to Pong Toss - Frat Party Games (800 points), the newly renamed Beer Pong. Joy. Seeing as this is the last Monday in July, where is Strong Bad? Inquiring minds want to know. Meanwhile, on the virtual console, Nintendo has added Donkey Kong 3 (NES 500 points), Ninja Commando (NEOGEO 900 points), Sega Genesis games Gley Lancer and Super Fantasy Zone (900 points), and today gets Art of Fighting 2 (NEOGEO 900) and Chase H.Q. (TGFX16 600 points). There, all caught up! Now to go bug the hell out of Telltale until I get me some Strong Bad.