Weekly Wii Update: And Then Trogdor Came In The Night

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Everything comes to a head in this week's Wii downloadables update, with the final episode of this season of Strong Bad serving up a heaping helping of burnination, unleashing the glory of Trogdor upon us.

Strong Bad Episode 5: 8-bit Is Enough for (1,000 points) has the draconic menace breaking free of his original game, causing other 8-bit classics to leak into the real world as the giant, one-armed beast sets fire to anything even remotely resembling a peasant. A bad WiiWare week for peasants, but possibly a good week for bored families with the release of Reflexive's Big Kahuna Party (700 points), which promises addictive family fun, 99 levels of some sort of gameplay, and 20 hidden tropical sea creatures. Other companies would have been satisfied with 18 or 19, but not Reflexive.

On the Virtual Console we have the Sega Master System classic Enduro Racer (500 points), the best motorcycle racer ever released for the console, featuring all of the fun of the arcade version without the giant plastic motorcycle.


I'd say Trogdor wins this week one giant hand down, but it pretty much goes without saying.

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is there a similar weekly update on downloadables for other consoles?