Tokyo Game Show Attendance Cracked 200K, Sort Of

Tokyo Game Show 2010 organizers declared today their big show attracted a "record high" 207,647 visitors. About 25K on each business day; about 80K each public day. Careful readers will note that the TGS people may have counted an individual four times. » 9/27/10 11:50am 9/27/10 11:50am

Team Ico Tells Us A Bit More About The Last Guardian

A few more tantalizing tidbits of information about upcoming PS3 exclusive The Last Guardian popped up in a recent interview between the Playstation Blog and the game's developer. » 9/24/10 12:00pm 9/24/10 12:00pm

Bulletstorm Hands On: Big Guns, Big Boots & Big Combos

Playing Bulletstorm for the first time, I felt less like playing another me-too first-person shooter and more like a Tony Hawk Pro Skater game I used to lose hours in. » 9/23/10 9:00pm 9/23/10 9:00pm

From Tokyo, The Games Keep Blurring Together

Can you recall the difference between Project Dark, Project Draco and Codename D? Can you tell your Shadows of the Damned from your Rise of Nightmares? We are past Tokyo Game Show 2010, but we are not past the confusion. » 9/22/10 4:00pm 9/22/10 4:00pm

Dissidia 012[Duodecim] Final Fantasy's TGS Trailer Busts Out

Square Enix's next Final Fantasy drenched fighting game, the painfully titled Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy, was shown at this year's Tokyo Game Show in both playable and trailer form. Here is the latter. » 9/22/10 3:40pm 9/22/10 3:40pm

Skulls of the Shogun Hands-on: The Art of Advance War

When indie developer Jake Kazdal told me his studio's game, the still in development Skulls of the Shogun, was heavily inspired by his love of Nintendo's Advance Wars series, I was already on the hook. » 9/20/10 9:00pm 9/20/10 9:00pm

NeverDead Preview: Amputation Amplified

Describing Konami's new action-horror shoot 'em up NeverDead is something of a challenge for producer and game designer Shinta Nojiri. It's a game that might require some re-education, due to its rather unique gameplay system. » 9/20/10 5:40pm 9/20/10 5:40pm

Hideo Kojima Might Have New Game For Tokyo Game Show 2011

Last year, Hideo Kojima had a new game to show off at TGS. That game was Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. This year, his name is attached to Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. But that's not his game. » 9/20/10 7:00am 9/20/10 7:00am

Is The Age Of Exclusives Over?

Not first party exclusives like Mario, Halo and God of War. Those will live on as long as there are console platform holders. Rather, is the age of big third-party exclusives finished? » 9/20/10 5:00am 9/20/10 5:00am

This Year's Tokyo Game Show Saw Record Attendance

Even as the Japanese game industry experiences gloom and doom, this year's Tokyo Game Show saw a whole bunch of people turn out. TGS can still draw a crowd and not just a big one — a record one. » 9/20/10 4:00am 9/20/10 4:00am

Let's Not Talk About The PSP2

In 2005, Sony released the original PlayStation Portable. Five years have passed, and the handheld has seen various iterations, including a digital-download-only version. It's about time for a new PSP. » 9/20/10 2:00am 9/20/10 2:00am

Let's TGS: Day Five

Our past day of reporting from Tokyo Game Show saw cosplay, the PSP's new analog control, a verdict on Devil May Cry from its diehard, booth babes and ... booth boys? And there's plenty more to read about as well. » 9/19/10 6:30pm 9/19/10 6:30pm

A Magical Journey Through Tons Of Square Enix's Licensed Stuff

Capcom isn't the only Japanese game publisher ready, willing and thrilled to sell its licensed wares to Tokyo Game Show attendees. Square Enix always has a commanding presence at TGS, a space loaded with high quality crap for purchase. » 9/19/10 5:30pm 9/19/10 5:30pm

Tokyo Game Show 2010 Cosplay Blowout: 2nd Impact

On Sunday, Tokyo Game Show comes to a close. It also brings about day two of hot cosplaying action from artists around the globe. And by hot we mean it literally—we've never seen TGS cosplayers perspire like this. » 9/19/10 4:30pm 9/19/10 4:30pm