Team Ico Tells Us A Bit More About The Last Guardian

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A few more tantalizing tidbits of information about upcoming PS3 exclusive The Last Guardian popped up in a recent interview between the Playstation Blog and the game's developer.


Developer Fumito Ueda told the blog during the Tokyo Game Show earlier this month, that The Last Guardian is not a "pet game", but rather an adventure game that has you play with Trico, the giant creature seen in the game's trailers.

It sounds like the relationship between Trico and the boy, who doesn't have a name yet, is an important gameplay element in The Last Guardian.

"As you saw in the video, Trico is able to defeat an enemy with one swipe," Ueda said. "So in that sense, he functions as a guardian of sorts. But the boy is unable to defeat the enemies on his own—that's the gameplay element involved."

While Ueda wasn't willing to talk about the almost statue-like enemies seen in the latest game trailer, he did say that they are "not acting fully out of their own intentions."

Ueda also said that Trico may not be the only large creature in the world of The Last Guardian, there may be something else like that out there, he told Sid Shuman, at the Playstation Blog.


Shuman also asked Ueda if The Last Guardian would have an unusual control scheme, like Shadow of the Colossus did.

"The actual method of controls and button layouts have not been decided yet, because it doesn't take much time to change the control scheme," Ueda said. "But because we're using the theme of an animal for The Last Guardian, I also want people who are not serious game players to try out this game. So I want the controls to be simpler than before."


You should check out the screens, trailer and talk that came out of TGS about The Last Guardian as well, if you're interested in this game.


Team Ico Talks: Fumito Ueda on The Last Guardian, Shadow of The Colossus [Playstation Blog]

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Confirmed: Trico is killed at the end by another giant creature =(