The Last Guardian's TGS Trailer [Update]

Sony showed a new trailer for Team Ico's The Last Guardian at its Tokyo Game Show press conference earlier today. Here it is!

While we wait for Sony to release the clip officially, in a resolution more pleasing to the eye (and when they do, we'll swap 'em out), here it is in Showroom Floor Blurry Vision, for the impatient among you..


Wait no longer! Here's the video as nature intended it to be seen.

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Wasn't it pretty much the same trailer they showed last time?

I was a little (very actually) underwhelmed by this. It didn't show anything new...besides maybe the dograt throwing something up, at least a think I haven't seen that before.

I'm all for creative design and Team Ico do try and do things differently, but they should really try and show what part of it is a game.

I don't know if it was lost in translation but I don't think anything was mentioned.

Maybe I'm missing something, but that trailer irritated me more that anything else, we waited for this?

I'm surprised by the comments here too, it seems as though people are blind to the presented facts and see something amazing and informative in the trailer.

Even the release date doesn't mean anything!