What Consoles Japanese Gamers Own, Which Ones They Play

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Just because you own a game console, that doesn't mean you play it, right?

At this year's Tokyo Game Show, event organizers polled 1,171 attendees on a variety of topics, including the Move and Kinect. Only 7.7 percent are planning to buy the PlayStation Move, while 6.3 percent are going to buy Kinect.


Other topics include which game consoles those surveyed own. While TGS attendees might be more indicative of "core" Japanese gamers, the recently released results are not surprising:

• PlayStation 2: 70.2 percent
• Nintendo DS/DS Lite: 68.7
• PlayStation Portable: 68.6
• Nintendo Wii: 56.7
• PlayStation 3: 47.7
• GameBoy Advance (SP): 43.3
• PlayStation: 35.4
• Nintendo DSi/DSi XL: 30.3
• Nintendo GameCube: 28.3
• Xbox 360: 19.6
• PSPgo: 4.4
• No reply: 0.6


This was a two-part question. The second part asked attendees to list the game console that they currently play the most. Those results:

• No reply: 34.3 percent
• PlayStation Portable: 18.7
• PlayStation 3: 13.7
• Nintendo DS/DS Lite: 13.1
• Nintendo DSi/DSi XL: 6.7
• Nintendo Wii: 4.7
• PlayStation 2: 4.4
• Xbox 360: 3.8
• GameBoy Advance (SP): 0.2
• PlayStation: 0.2
• Nintendo GameCube: 0.0
• PSPgo: 0.3

Wonder what those no response folks are playing. Perhaps cell phone games, as those were not included in this question, as it pertains to home consoles. Maybe they play board games. Maybe rock, paper, scissors. The mind reels.

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What?!? I'm confused... so Is japan a land of Playstation or Nintendo?