Better watch out with those Skyrim mods. If you're not careful you could end up with a glitched skeleton with Hatsune Miku hair. On the other hand, this opens up a whole new category in the catalog of terrifying, modded Dovakhiins. » 1/30/14 8:30am 1/30/14 8:30am

It's Easy To Cross The Line With Skyrim Mods

Once you've installed a few, there's no going back. Eventually, you might end up with a setup like this, breaking the game's lore and theme as badly as possible. Even Sven, one of the NPC followers, realizes that something's not right. » 11/26/13 8:30am 11/26/13 8:30am

So many unanswered questions in this screenshot from Skyrim... The random, yet unmistakable cuddling. The positioning. The imperial guard's moustache... Let's just leave these two here in peace. » 9/11/13 8:30am 9/11/13 8:30am

You Know What Skyrim Needs? A Mechanical Fish In A Top Hat Maybe?

If you are bored with your current follower in Skyrim, you can always add the absolutely ridiculous Mr. Unicorn The Cyborg Gentleman Fish. He is a fish (and not a crab) with a top hat put onto mechanical legs. » 7/10/13 9:00am 7/10/13 9:00am

Screw With Your Skyrim Friends Using Two Simple Voice Commands

They've sort of added multiplayer to Skyrim via the game's new Kinect voice-control update. Not real multiplayer. Not the kind that lets two people play the game together or against each other. No, they've simply added voice commands. But when a friend barges in on your gaming session and yells "ally attack" and… » 5/01/12 7:00pm 5/01/12 7:00pm

Skyrim's "Arrow in the Knee" Makes a Guest Appearance on NCIS

I used to think the CBS Naval Intelligence procedural NCIS » 4/18/12 12:00pm 4/18/12 12:00pm was a show aimed squarely at the extremely mature crowd, until a recent episode took an arrow in the knee.

A Song Built From the Sounds of Skyrim

We've seen more than our fair share of covers of Skyrim » 4/11/12 12:00pm 4/11/12 12:00pm's bombastic theme music over the past six months. Now it's time for a little something different: an original song pieced together using sounds recorded from the Xbox 360 version of the game. Through creative use of audio layering and filters, Peter "Flash!…

Why Do Text-Heavy Games Make Reading So Painful?

In today's short-but-sweet installment of Read Up on Kotaku, commenter RevRain wonders why developers spend days filling their games with tomes of ancient lore without putting nearly as much effort into delivering a pleasant reading experience. » 2/24/12 11:00am 2/24/12 11:00am

The Black Hand is Alive and Well in Episode Three of Skyrim 2012

What started as a simple robbery in episode one » 2/21/12 12:20pm 2/21/12 12:20pm of the live-action series was upgraded to murder in , and where there's murder, there's The Black Hand.

A Bookseller's Video Game Lament

I play Skyrim obsessively, like lots of people. I'm also a full-time antiquarian book dealer and during my glorious attempts to become a leather-clad death machine in The Elder Scrolls V, I'm always tempted to make some in-game coin on the side collecting and selling the hundreds of available antiquarian titles.… » 2/06/12 12:00pm 2/06/12 12:00pm

Here’s How Skyrim’s Creation Kit Lets You Make Mod Magic

Bethesda previously announced the Skyrim Creation Kit, which will let PC users re-invent their hit RPG in unimagined ways. There's no release date yet for the toolset but the publisher's unveiled a new video that details the Creation Kit's functionality and intergration with Steam Workshop. Skyrim's going to get a… » 2/01/12 11:30am 2/01/12 11:30am

How Skyrim Could Damage the U.S. Economy (Sorta)

First we have Wired magazine's Geek Dad mock-fretting that the wonderful time-sink of Skyrim may be hurting the productivity of the American worker and therefore may drag the nation's economy down. » 12/14/11 9:00pm 12/14/11 9:00pm

Bethesda Sics Lawyers on Minecraft Makers Over Scrolls Name, Skyrim

One game is called Scrolls. One game is called Skyrim, though, more formally, you'd call it The Elder Scrolls V. Confusing? » 8/05/11 12:20pm 8/05/11 12:20pm

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Unveiled, Dated For 2011

Bethesda Softworks just announced the fifth game in the Elder Scrolls series and the sequel to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion will be called Skyrim. And it'll be out next year. » 12/11/10 8:30pm 12/11/10 8:30pm