Screw With Your Skyrim Friends Using Two Simple Voice Commands

They've sort of added multiplayer to Skyrim via the game's new Kinect voice-control update. Not real multiplayer. Not the kind that lets two people play the game together or against each other. No, they've simply added voice commands. But when a friend barges in on your gaming session and yells "ally attack" and… »5/01/12 7:00pm5/01/12 7:00pm

Here’s How Skyrim’s Creation Kit Lets You Make Mod Magic

Bethesda previously announced the Skyrim Creation Kit, which will let PC users re-invent their hit RPG in unimagined ways. There's no release date yet for the toolset but the publisher's unveiled a new video that details the Creation Kit's functionality and intergration with Steam Workshop. Skyrim's going to get a… »2/01/12 11:30am2/01/12 11:30am