I used to think the CBS Naval Intelligence procedural NCIS was a show aimed squarely at the extremely mature crowd, until a recent episode took an arrow in the knee.

So the NCIS writers were a little late to the party; they've got a production schedule to adhere to. The fact that they managed to work the famous Skyrim line into an episode via geek viewer conduit character McGee is a praiseworthy feat. Hell, they even name drop Star Wars: The Old Republic. I'm almost inclined to forgive them for tossing that "dorky role-playing games" line in there.


My parents watch this show religiously. I can only imagine how confused they were at this point.

Update: My mother stopped by to see the babies, so I asked her about last night's episode. "Yeah, I wondered what the hell he was talking about. I'll have to tell (my stepfather) Dan."

NCIS - McGee took an arrow in the knee [Youtube via Reddit]

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