This Might Be the Worst Beatles Cover Ever

 You might know Aki Toyosaki » 2/28/12 7:15am 2/28/12 7:15am from her voice acting in games like . Or maybe you know her from her role as Yui Hirasawa in anime After this clip, you'll know her as the woman who massacred "Hey Jude".

Paul McCartney Marvels That Computer Games Outsell CDs

Ex-Beatle Paul McCartney tells the Express (or was it Zeit?) that he's making music for an unnamed video game: "A new computer game sells so much better than a new CD these days. Young people will hear my music for the first time in a game." » 1/31/12 9:45am 1/31/12 9:45am

Ringo Starr Ready To Drum Out A Video Game?

Ringo Starr might be "absolutely crap" at Rock Band, but that isn't going to stop him from trademarking the crap out of his name, Ringo. Rather, Ringo™. » 2/02/11 8:30am 2/02/11 8:30am

WSJ Reports Tomorrow's iTunes Event Is Beatlemania

We've been waiting. And waiting. And, really, sort of gave up. But after years of speculation and dispute, the Wall Street Journal says The Beatles are arriving on iTunes, tomorrow. Streaming will have to wait for another day. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da. » 11/15/10 6:55pm 11/15/10 6:55pm

Buy A Custom Beatles' Xbox 360, Help Doctors Without Borders

Harmonix is kicking off today a series of eBay charity auctions for Xbox 360s painted with an illustration from the amazing introduction to The Beatles: Rock Band. » 9/08/09 12:00pm 9/08/09 12:00pm

MTV: SingStar Beatles False, All-Singing Beatles: Rock Band Mode True

Kotaku has learned (again) that there isn't a SingStar for the Beatles, but you will be able to play the next Beatles game — the one we knew about — like SingStar. Maybe with special mics, even. » 8/19/09 9:30am 8/19/09 9:30am

The Beatles: Rock Band Track List Expands To 25

The list of officially confirmed songs for The Beatles: Rock band grows to twenty-five this morning, as today's trailer reveals are joined by seven more tracks by way of official EA decree. » 7/21/09 10:20am 7/21/09 10:20am

The Beatles: Rock Band Preview: Get Back In Harmony

What differentiates The Beatles: Rock Band from Rock Band games that have come before it? Harmonix and MTV Games are releasing more than an artist track pack, with this standalone Rock Band akin more to a playable band biography. » 7/21/09 9:00am 7/21/09 9:00am

New Beatles: Rock Band Trailer Confirms Eight More Tracks

Harmonix and MTV Games have this afternoon released a new gameplay trailer for The Beatles: Rock Band, along with information on a further eight tracks that will be included in the game. » 7/21/09 12:30am 7/21/09 12:30am

Michael Jackson Won't Affect Beatles Rock Band

Michael Jackson has passed away, and lawyers are currently picking through his estate. Jackson owned 267 Beatles songs, the ownership of which is at risk. » 7/09/09 7:30am 7/09/09 7:30am

The Surviving Beatles "Helped" On Beatles: Rock Band

While the band broke up decades ago, and half of them are now dead, the remaining Beatles weren't just going to sit by and watch somebody else make a game based on their career. So they helped. » 6/24/09 11:30pm 6/24/09 11:30pm

The Beatles Rock Band: I Wanna Hold Your Hands-On Impressions

The Beatles: Rock Band has been playable at E3 this week. So, being fans of both The Beatles and Rock Band, we figured we'd go check it out. » 6/03/09 10:20am 6/03/09 10:20am

All You Need Is The Beatles: Rock Band Debut Trailer

.html I may not be the biggest Beatles fan, but it was hard to deny the appeal of the first trailer for The Beatles: Rock Band. It looks fab. » 6/01/09 7:45pm 6/01/09 7:45pm

Beatles Remasters Hit Day And Date With Rock Band Game

The release of The Beatles: Rock Band is going to be a "big deal." We know. But it's going to be a bigger deal than we'd expected. » 4/08/09 9:40pm 4/08/09 9:40pm