WSJ Reports Tomorrow's iTunes Event Is Beatlemania

Illustration for article titled WSJ Reports Tomorrow's iTunes Event Is Beatlemania

We've been waiting. And waiting. And, really, sort of gave up. But after years of speculation and dispute, the Wall Street Journal says The Beatles are arriving on iTunes, tomorrow. Streaming will have to wait for another day. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da.


Details are scant, but they don't really matter—all the WSJ claims is that EMI, Apple, and The Beatles have all come to some sort of consensus, and the Fab Four will be available for download. [The Wall Street Journal]



I was hoping for something along the lines of a step up from their current method of content distribution, but a Beatles announcement? Yeah, I know, they're great, but frankly, this, for however revolutionary, how timeless and outstanding The Beatles' work may be as a whole, the addition of another means of gaining their content is tantamount to flatulence during a hurricane.

Here's to hoping that this is not the entire thing. Knowing Apple, there should be more.