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Ringo Starr might be "absolutely crap" at Rock Band, but that isn't going to stop him from trademarking the crap out of his name, Ringo. Rather, Ringo™.


The famed drummer registered the trademark for "downloadable computer games via the internet and wireless devices" as well as "toys, namely toy vehicles, plush toys" and "pet toys" and "skateboards".


So no more unofficial Ringo vehicles. Bummer.

"Ringo" actually means "apple" in Japanese. However, this trademark was filed in the U.S.

This, of course, coule be Starr simply applying for a protective patent to prohibit others from making Ringo games. It also could be a sign that the drummer is getting ready to drum out his own title. The drummer's attorney has yet to comment on why Starr trademarked "Ringo".

Starr appeared in The Beatles: Rock Band with the other Beatles. "The graphics are great, I love the game and I love the music," Starr told Jimmy Fallon. "But it's for young folk."


Starr, now 70 years old, continues to record, releasing his fifteenth studio album Y Not last year. As for a Ringo video game, sure, why not?

Latest Status Info [USPTO via GameSpot via NME Thanks, Colin!] [image: Getty]

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