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Real Beatles Compared To Beatles Screenshots

Illustration for article titled Real Beatles Compared To Beatles Screenshots

What are those people doing in that brick building in Massachusetts? They're ensuring that the virtual Beatles look like the real Beatles.

Advertisement has taken a gander at some images from the upcoming Beatles Rock Band game. They've taken a look at photos and video stills of the Beatles. And they've compared.


The results aren't surprising. John looks like John. Paul looks like Paul. Etc. But they're still fun to look at.

Not a zombie-eyed blank stare among them.

The Real Beatles Vs. The Beatles: Rock Band []

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I'm a sucker for any game that features a area that I have visited in real life. I bought some blading game for the PS2 for the only because I used to frequent one of the skate parks featured in the game.

The Cavern Club is quite possibly the hottest and one of most claustrophobic places in the world. The game wont be complete faithful to this unless mid song it cuts to someone passing out in the crowd.

I was also kind of hoping they had the Jacaranda pub as one of the venues in this for the very beginning of The Beatles's career. It was the pub where the band met and practised, and even where they first performed as a group (granted they weren't called The Beatles then). But I suppose if it's not as recognisable as the Cavern.