What We Can Learn From Paul McCartney’s Awful Video Game

Sir Paul McCartney had a video game. It is pretty awful, but it's also fascinating.


In the video above, I talk about Give My Reguards to Broad Street, a game by Argus Press Software for the Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum based on an equally terrible movie of the same name.

I talk about why it’s a depressing, confusing game and what we can learn from it — Other than 'God help us if Yoko ever decides to make a game'.


Weird Games is an ongoing video series exploring the strangest video gaming has to offer.
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Rakugaki Showtime

"If you've never seen the movie or read the manual"

1. Why would you buy the game based on the movie if you didn't see the movie?

2. In the C64 day and age, if you didn't read the manual then you probably had no clue what to do or what the story was in most games. The manual used to mean something.

The guy commenting on this video clearly wasn't a product of that era.