This Might Be the Worst Beatles Cover Ever

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 You might know Aki Toyosaki from her voice acting in games like Final Fantasy Type-O. Or maybe you know her from her role as Yui Hirasawa in anime K-On! After this clip, you'll know her as the woman who massacred "Hey Jude".


Toyosaki covered The Beatles tune in concert, and her rendition is a hot topic on Japanese forum 2ch. The Beatles, of course, are hugely popular in Japan and widely covered by Japanese musicians.

English might not be the Japanese singers' first language and their pronunciation might not be perfect, but if they are talented musicians, they can totally make it work—and next thing you know, you are singing along and stomping your feet, too.

This is...I really don't know what this is. I don't want to be mean, especially because Toyosaki sells music CDs in Japanese and has even won awards for her music. She seems nice and all. But...yowzers. It's awful.

The 2ch comments are quite cruel, with people calling the performance a "disgrace" and "uncomfortable". Wrote one forum member, "I only made 30 seconds." I made it through the whole thing.

The YouTube version currently has over 3,700 dislikes.

豊崎愛生さんの「Hey Jude」が低評価3000件超えでYouTube炎上!! [2ch News Flash Vip Blog]


Seoul Sister

I prefer Love Psychedelico. But then, they were managed by Yoko Ono, so they had some help.