Tecmo Super Bowl's World Championships are Tomorrow, and NFL Films Will Be There

The world's largest Tecmo Super Bowl tournament is tomorrow in Madison, Wis., featuring a field of 178 players. TecmoBowl.org also tells Kotaku that NFL Films will be present, apparently for a feature sometime later about video gaming and football. The event will be livestreamed and liveblogged from … »3/02/12 6:30pm3/02/12 6:30pm

Modders Celebrate the New NFL Season by Updating Tecmo Super Bowl to 2011

Ah, and now the football video game that really is just a roster and uniform update, and that's all everyone wants it to be. Just in time for the NFL's kickoff tomorrow, modders today released Tecmo Super Bowl 2012. It's the same NES classic you've loved for 20 years, updated with the stars of the current league. »9/07/11 10:00pm9/07/11 10:00pm