Tecmo Bowl Simulation Says Take the 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII

Vegas says San Francisco is a 3.5-point favorite in the Super Bowl, and Tecmo Super Bowl, the 1991 classic for the NES, says the 49ers are a 31-17 winner over the Baltimore Ravens, thanks to this CPU vs. CPU simulation of the game using a modified roster file from the TecmoBowl.org community.

In this super-scientific simulation, Colin Kaepernick passes for 252 yards (with 88 percent accuracy) and adds another 23 yards rushing as the 49ers fend off the Ravens. Joe Flacco has a terrible day for Baltimore; despite two passing touchdowns, he completes just a third of his passes.

The pivotal moment comes when Baltimore tries for and misses a 64-yard field goal on 4th and five. In the fourth quarter. With 1:20 left. Trailing by seven. But, that's Tecmo Super Bowl's AI for you. The 49ers, after taking over on downs, tacked on a cosmetic rushing touchdown from Kaepernick as time expired.


Frank Gore has 11 carries for 52 yards and Ray Rice rushes 9 times for 72 yards in a loss.

If you want the 2012-13 season ROM for Tecmo Super Bowl, you can pick it up here.

Super Bowl 47 - Ravens vs 49ers According to Tecmo [Tecmobowl.org]

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Is this how American football works? I've seen the game start over four times in a minute?