Auburn Shocking Alabama is Awesome in Tecmo Bowl, Too

And now we have the proper memorial for the spine-tingling finish to No. 4 Auburn versus No. 1 Alabama yesterday—on the home turf of Auburn's greatest player ever, and that's not Jordan-Hare Stadium. It's Tecmo Super Bowl.

Bo Jackson, the greatest video game athlete of all time, celebrated his 51st birthday yesterday. He was present for this game, won in the final second when Chris Davis, Jr. returned a missed field goal try 109 yards for the deciding touchdown. Bedlam does not begin to describe the aftermath of this bitterly contested rivalry, much less a game between top-5 teams, with obvious implications for the national championship.


Once again, the mad geniuses of the Tecmo Bowl community—specifically Matt Knobbe and Dave Murray—come through with a made-to-order re-creation of a bona fide Alcoa Fantastic Finish. Knobbe is using a roster mod on Tecmo Super Bowl for the Nintendo Entertainment System, turning the game into a 2013 edition of college football.

On the call is Rod Bramblett and Stan White of the Auburn Sports Network, losing their minds all over again. It's a hell of a run. It might even be better than this one.

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As someone who lives in Alabama and who works in a place that is 80% Bama fans, that game made me so happy. Since I'm a native Okie and a Sooner fan, I've caught a lot of hell at work. I just can't wait to enjoy the looks of defeat of all my coworkers.

Though I'm pretty sure the whining and excuse making will get old quick probably. That and their sudden switch to "we have to support Auburn" speeches that will ensue.