Just In Time for the NFL's Kickoff, it's Tecmo Super Bowl 2013

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New England's Rob Gronkowski is the "cover" star for Tecmo Super Bowl 2013 a fan-made, free mod of the NES all-time classic NFL game that puts the modern game and all of its stars and uniform colors into the old Tecmo Bowl structure.

The ROM is available for download now. Its rosters are current as of Sunday, "giving players the same great gameplay experience they've loved for years and years, with the added bonus of players who haven't actually been retired for years."

Features this year now include "enhanced passing accuracy and control." Also quickness, an attribute that had no meaning to defensive players in the past, now governs how fast they run if they intercept a pass or pick up a fumble.


"Tecmo Super Bowl 2013 is available for free," brags TecmoBowl.org. "You won't even need a Kickstarter account to get THIS reward." I can get behind that. The ROM can be found at the link.

TecmoBowl.org Presents Tecmo Super Bowl 2013 [TecmoBowl.org]

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Your revolution is over, Mr. Gronkowski!! Condolences! The Pats lost. My advice is to do what your teammates did: get a new team, sir! The Pats will always lose!! Do you hear me Gronkowski?! THE PATS WILL ALWAYS LOSE!!