Two of the world's most addictive mobile games, Taito's Groove Coaster Zero and GungHo Online's Puzzles & Dragons, are crossing-over August 12-24. There'll be special Groove Coaster Zero-themed dungeons and creatures popping up in the puzzler, while a special P&D song pack will be available in the rhythm game for $4.99.… » 8/09/13 6:45pm 8/09/13 6:45pm

Giant Plastic Alien Heads, Badass Fantasy Art & Video Games

Fans of classic rock and fantasy art will no doubt be familiar with the name Roger Dean. The British artist is as synonymous with 1970's prog rock (especially the band Yes) as epic guitar tracks, and his bold, unique art style means you've probably seen and remembered his work, even if you've never remembered his name. » 9/12/11 12:00am 9/12/11 12:00am

In a World Invaded By Space, Two Producers Launch a Film Project No…

Not satisfied with aiding in the creation of the childhood-stealing Transformers and G.I. Joe movies, producers Lorenzo di Bonaventura has teamed up with Odd Lot Entertainment's Gigi Pritzker to bring Space Invaders to the silver screen. Oh joy. » 7/08/11 4:30pm 7/08/11 4:30pm