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Taito Hey, the wonderful Akihabara arcade, is getting an automatic foreign currency changing machine, Famitsu reports. You won’t need i.d. like a passport, and can easily change U.S. dollars, euros, Chinese yuan, Korean won, Taiwanese dollars, Hong Kong dollars, and Thai baht. That’s pretty cool!

This is the first Japanese arcade to get an automatic currency exchange machine.


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Cool... I guess? Doesn’t seem that practical though. I’m not sure what kind of person arrives in Japan without yen (or access to it) and then heads straight to an arcade. I normally carry a token amount of cash in my own currency (British pounds, which this machine doesn’t actually take) but it normally stays in the suitcase. When I turn up it’s with a wad of yen and a credit card I can use to get more out at certain ATMs.

Besides I bet the exchange rate on this machine sucks.