Japan's Most Recommended Anime Films of 2012

Back in November, 1,049 Japanese people were asked by survey company goo Ranking to choose which animated or Tokusatsu (think Godzilla or Power Rangers-style) movies of 2012 they would recommend to other people. Here are the top five recommended films of 2012—all of which are anime. » 1/11/13 8:00am 1/11/13 8:00am

What Kind of Person Plays a Sports Video Game? MIT Has the Answers.

More than a year ago, Abe Stein of the Game Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology reached out to me about a survey he was conducting » 12/01/12 4:00pm 12/01/12 4:00pm, an examination of sports video gamers. Stein, himself a committed sports gamer, wanted to know who made up this segment of gaming—long viewed as an outlier to the main gaming …

And Japan’s Most Popular Manga is… (Survey Says)

Last month, goo Research polled 1,939 Japanese people from ages 15 to 44 about their manga reading habits. Questions ranged from which manga they read to who their favorite character is—they even asked about favorite one-liners. So if manga is your drug of choice, read on to see which are the most popular in Japan… » 6/15/12 7:00am 6/15/12 7:00am

Study Tries to Break Down Who Buys In-Game Items—by Race

A study found that whites and, by a slighter margin, blacks were more likely to account for purchases of in-game items from mobile games, in a study that examined purchasing habits by ethnicity. What it seeks to prove, I have no idea, but the mobile entertainment portal MocoSpace sounds pretty smug that it'll change… » 9/10/11 5:00pm 9/10/11 5:00pm

Half of All Netflix Users Watch Movies on a Games Console

In May, we learned that Netflix's console traffic—just movies streaming to consoles now—accounted for 20 percent of Internet bandwidth usage in the United States. We have more data backing up the phenomenon: Half of all the service's users watch movies on a games console, says Nielsen. » 7/28/11 11:30pm 7/28/11 11:30pm