It seems a few players were a little upset with the way the most recent installment of SimCity turned out. Today a survey is making the rounds suggesting several potential features and expansions that might transform Maxis' train-wreck into the game we wanted in the first place.

What sort of improvements and changes? How about the ability to raise and lower the ground? Larger cities, so we're not done building in thirty minutes? The return of subways! Along with these compelling features, the survey also gauges interest in fresh multiplayer features, including I don't care about multiplayer SimCity anymore. Wait, that's not on the list.


The survey continues, laying out the idea of a potential expansion pack, packed with further really cool things that might make me open up Origin again. I love the idea of SuperScrapers reaching into the sky, with the ability to split them into distinctive zones. And future cities? Yes, please. I want my city to progress until we are all Autobots and Decepticons.


Of course this is just a survey, and no indicator of what EA's actual plans might be. It's at least somewhat comforting to imagine they might be listening to SimCity players for the first time since all of this shit went down.

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